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Below you will find frequently asked questions about massage and doula. If you have any additional questions about any of the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Massage FAQs

What do I wear during a massage?

There are two types of massage, and each would have different answers. During a chair massage, typically a shorter 10-15 minute massage for the busy professional, you would just wear whatever clothes you come in with. There are no oils used in this type of massage, so this is something that can be done mid-day. The other type of massage, table massage, is done on a massage table. The attire is determined by the client based on their comfort level. The only areas ever exposed are the areas that are being concentrated on.

Does it hurt?
Typically no. The day after your massage you may feel some soreness because your muscles are being manipulated, similar to working out. It is always best to drink a lot of water after receiving a massage to help relieve the soreness and flush out any toxins. To help avoid excessive soreness, communicate with your massage therapist about the amount of pressure that you feel comfortable with.
How often should I get a massage?
That would depend on the reason you need a massage. If you are getting a massage for rehabilitative or therapeutic reasons, you should discuss this with your massage therapist. The two of you may decide that 2-3 times a week is necessary, or maybe just every other week. If you are getting a massage for stress relief or relaxation purposes, then you can choose to come as often as you’d like!
Do you take insurance?
While insurance does cover massage therapy in certain situations, such as a car accident or other no fault accident, it depends solely on your insurance carrier. Check with your provider to see if you are covered.

Doula FAQs

What does a Doula do?
A doula helps to support the mother and father or significant other to give them the best birth experience possible and to help them follow their birth plan. She helps to give constant support throughout the entire delivery with massage and/or encouragement. A doula does not take the place of the father or significant other, but rather help to keep him or her involved as much as possible.
How much time do I spend with my Doula before the birth?
A doula will meet with the expectant mother and the father or significant other at least once before the birth to go over the birth plan but can meet at many times as the mother would like so she is comfortable with the plan. It can be a good experience to have a massage with the doula before the birth if your doula is a licensed massage therapist.
When should I contact a Doula?
You should contact a doula no later than your third trimester, since it is always a possibility that the birth could be early. Once you have established a relationship with your doula you can call at any time with any questions and establish when and where the doula should meet you when labor begins.